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With the use of innovative veterinary practices we provide complete, compassionate care for your companion's overall health and wellness.

  • Excellent diagnosis and treatment

    “Thank you Companion Animal Clinic for your help the other day. So glad you are open until 7pm! Excellent diagnosis and treatment for my dog, Topper.”
    Susan B.
  • As always everybody is super nice

    “I'm a 11 year "Customer" at Companion Animal Clinic. As always everybody is super nice, professional and great with my dog. Dr. Christopher always calls with the results. I highly recommend the clinic.”
    Curtis N.
  • Best care of our cats

    “We get the very best of care of our cats here. Dr. Morrison is wonderful! She remembers each of our babies and takes the time to treat them with kindness and respect. She is very thorough and always explains everything and answers all of our questions. We could not be happier.”
    Penny L., customer since 2014
  • My dog was treated very well

    “Apparently, my dog was treated very well and rather spoiled with attention when she was boarded at Companion Animal Medical Center.”
  • Very personable

    Everything wonderful as usual. Quick and easy and everyone is thorough and very personable! Curt C.

  • We love Companion

    “We love Companion. So do our dogs!”
    Heather M., customer since 2006
  • My pups LOVE coming to Companion

    “My pups totally LOVE coming to see the vets and techs at Companion, which makes me feel more comfortable that they love coming in.”
    Beverly H., customer since 2002
  • ​Always awesome as usual

    Always awesome as usual. Thanks to the team at Companion! Thomas D.
  • Excellent care

    “Henry and Abby always expect and receive excellent care from Dr. Murphy.”
    Lee S., customer since 2002
  • They provide comprehensive care

    “This is the second time we have boarded our dog there and we will continue to do so. Not only are they a great boarder, but they provide comprehensive care during the stay. Thank you for clipping her nails and keeping her exercised.“
    Kelly T., customer since 2013
  • Companion Animal Clinic is courteous

    Companion Animal Clinic is courteous, kind, friendly and definitely pro-animal! Steve W.
  • Pleasant and professional atmosphere

    “As usual, the staff at Companion provided a pleasant and professional atmosphere for our visit. Our boy, Midnight, was well taken care of during his annual wellness check. I would recommend this facility to anyone needing veterinary services.”
    Paul W., customer since 2002
  • Sensitive, caring and practical animal care

    Sensitive, caring and practical animal care. Penny P.
  • There are no better vets around

    There are no better vets around! Thank you for always taking the best care of our dogs! Anonymous

  • A great stay at Companion Animal Clinic

    “Our Westie, Lucky had a great stay at Companion Animal Clinic. We appreciated the availability on very short notice.”
    Anne S., customer since 2010
  • Highly recommend Companion Animal Clinic

    “I have to say this is one of the best kennels we have used for any of our dogs. Our dog comes home NOT smelling like a kennel.”
    Karen O., customer since 2012
  • I felt reassured everything was ok

    “The staff spent extra time in explaining what was going on with our dog and what we could do at home for her. I felt reassured everything was ok and she got friendly thorough care.”
  • Incredibly supportive

    My kitty was in two times in two weeks for an issue and you guys took great care of him. The second visit was just for him to hang out until he went to the bathroom and provided a sample. Dr. Christopher handled my "worried cat mom" talk and was incredibly supportive. She offered to let me bring him in so the office could keep an eye on him. Anonymous

  • As always all was good

    “As always all was good...front desk, techs, and doctors.”
    Russ R., customer since 2002
  • Everyone at Companion is so kind

    Cindy always does a great job grooming our Cavalier King Charles. Everyone at Companion is so kind. Jennifer B.

  • They go above and beyond

    The staff at Companion Animal Clinic is wonderful. They are all so professional. They go above and beyond to make sure your pet is well taken care of. From checking in at the front desk to seeing the veterinarian is always handled with extra care. They always call back with results of the visit or just to make sure your pet is okay. We have used Companion Animal Clinic for years and I would not change. Dave T.

  • As usual they were friendly

    As usual they were friendly, considerate and professional with our dog. We have taken our dogs there for many years, and would not think of going elsewhere. Richard B.

  • As always the staff and doctors at Companion

    As always, the staff and doctors at Companion took great care of us! Greta G.
  • Very happy with Companion

    Very happy with Companion. Juli Y.

  • They were great

    “The staff was very friendly. They were great to see our dog at the last minute when he got hurt at the dog park!”
  • As usual Companion Animal Clinic is a pleasure

    As usual Companion Animal Clinic is a pleasure to visit for my Ziva and I. Your staff is so friendly, warm, and professional. Your schedule is great, and make it so comfortable for a family or pet to be a part of your practice. Keep up the great work! Dr. Lemke is so personable and the vet tech is always reaching out to relate to my Ziva (even though Ziva may not reciprocate at first). Your unlimited supply of treats makes the total experience sweet! AnnEllen F.
  • Fantastic

    “Fantastic! My first vet visit with my first pet! Reception, vet's assistant, the doctor, all outstanding.”
    Curt C.
  • Thanks for everyone

    “We love Dr. Christopher and the entire team at CAC! Thanks to everyone for getting us in same day with no problems at all.”
  • ​Staff as always are professional

    Staff as always are professional and courteous. Ellen Q.
  • Thank you for taking care of them

    “Our dogs are not frequent kennel users but when they come home from  here they seem happy and healthy. Thank you for taking care of them and giving Nutmeg the extra attention her nervous self sometimes needs.”
    Kyrle K., customer since 2011
  • Excellent service

    “Excellent service--both with Dr. Lemke and her assistant. My Isabo does not like to go, but is comfortable once she gets there. The people at the desk are always friendly and always have a smile. Just a great experience. I feel my Isabo is in good hands. Thank you so much”
    David F., customer since 1993
  • First time for cat grooming

    First time for cat grooming and everything went well. Cat didn't appear traumatized and came out looking great. Anonymous

  • Very accommodating with our schedule

    “Companion Animal Clinic is always very accommodating with our schedule to get our dog in for an appointment. They are wonderful with her.”
    Kyrle K., customer since 2011
  • Great experience with grooming our dog

    Great experience with grooming our dog! The groomer followed our specifications, and he looks awesome! Anonymous

  • Thanks to all of you at CAC

    “Dr. Lemke has cared for my pets for 17 years. Obviously I trust her care and judgment. Her staff is equally competent and caring.”
    Anne A., customer since 2011
  • No problems

    Perfect! No problems! Anonymous
  • The staff were very professional and accommodating

    “The front staff were very professional and accommodating. I brought a picture and described what we wanted for our dogs grooming and we were extremely pleased at the result! Thank you!”
    Tammie P., customer since 2013
  • We love CAC

    “We love CAC. The people there are friendly, knowledgeable, and the vets outstanding. We would recommend this facility to all.”
    Paul W., customer since 2002
  • Great staff and Dr. Lemke

    “Great staff. Dr. Lemke always does a wonderful job, particularly with my elderly cat who remains feisty. Front desk staff is on the ball, for which I am grateful.”
    Nancy G.
  • A great visit there

    “A great visit with all the friendly caring personnel as usual. Wouldn't go anywhere else.”
     Barb S., customer since 2006
  • Wonderful care!

    Wonderful care! Anonymous

  • Always first class service

      “We have been with Companion for years and with several dogs.  Always first class service, and care. Great vets and staff.”
     Sherley C., customer since 2006
  • ​Companion Staff loves the pets they care for

    Companion Staff loves the pets they care for as their own. Teresa R.
  • We really appreciate the caring attentive approach

    We really appreciate the caring attentive approach that everyone who works at the clinic practice. The technicians and veternarians are always gentle and very considerate when working with our animals. Everyone always takes the time to fully explain the options, the procedures and the billing. We fully trust that they have the best interest of our pets in mind whatever the reasons for our visit. Keith B.
  • Every employee seemed to genuinely care about my pet

    “Every employee seemed to genuinely care about my pet!”
  • Very friendly

    Very friendly. Michael D.

  • I can’t say enough great things about Companion

    “I love this kennel. My dog comes home happy and doesn't smell like a kennel. She actually is happy to when I drop her off (she will refuse to go into places).”
  • Always a great experience

    “Always a great experience!”
    Ashley W., customer since 2011
  • We love Companion Animal Clinic

    “We love Companion Animal Clinic! Staff is always very friendly and helpful. Several times we needed to board our animals because of an emergency and every time they were able to accommodate us. Thanks Companion for taking care of our fur babies!”
  • The staff was so kind to my cat

    The staff was so kind to my cat. They were quick to answer follow up questions. Jessica F.
  • My dog was brought in on an emergency

    My dog was brought in on an emergency with bleeding and vomiting. Dr. Lemke was excellent in getting her started on meds and iv. She is doing so much better. Nothing serious. Olga J.
  • Dr. murphy was so gentle and loving

    “We are new dog owners and had our first visit with Dr. Murphy. The entire staff made Percy (and me) feel at home.”
    Rachel S., customer since 2014
  • They are family to us

    “Always very attentive to the health and well-being of our animals. Have been a client of this practice for a very long time. They are family to us.”
    Anonymous, customer since 2010
  • ​Timely, efficient and my dog is happy

    Timely, efficient and my dog is happy! Staff has a genuine concern for the animals they service, always calling a day or two later to follow up. Christine G.
  • Thank you Dr. Lemke and staff

    “Thank you Dr. Lemke and staff for all your excellent care for our pets.”
    Virginia K., customer since 2000
  • Much appreciated

    “My concerns were alleviated by the DVM who thoroughly checked things out."
    Tim P., customer since 2003
  • Can’t thank you enough

    “All of your staff have been so good to my puppy and me. Can't thank you enough.”
    Margot P., customer since 2015
  • Excellent care

    “Henry and Abby always expect and receive excellent care from Dr. Murphy.”
    Lee S., customer since 2002
  • We liked Dr. Margolis

    “Good and friendly service. We liked Dr. Margolis.”
    Beverly W., customer since 2005
  • ​Excellent and friendly service

    Excellent and friendly service! Kim C.
  • They did an excellent job

    “Did an excellent job cleaning my dog's teeth.”
  • The staff is great

    “I am very happy with the way Zoe was groomed. The staff is great. They always make us feel welcomed. Pack Play is amazing. Not only does it help Zoe learn to be with other dogs she is receiving training at the same time. Thank you.”
    Randy D., customer since 2003
  • The kennel staff is exceptional

    “Matti loves to stay, and the treatment, care and love provided by the kennel staff is exceptional. I can leave and go anywhere in the world and know that Matti will be taken care of in all regards.”
    Linda B., customer since 2001
  • A wonderful experience

    “A wonderful experience, as always, for us. Not sure if the pups would agree since one had to get shots (owww!) and one had her tushy shaved due to a "hot spot”.
    Lynn W., customer since 2004
  • My cat is in good hands

    Dr. Lemke and the staff are fabulous! I always know my cat is in good hands! Ann C.

  • Great vets

    “Great vets! Highly recommend!”
    Anonymous, customer since 2011
  • Everyone is so helpful and kind

    “Everyone is so helpful and kind. I couldn't have been more pleased with the great support and service I received after bringing in a new dog that I inherited.”
    Hollie G., customer since 2013
  • You guys are awesome

    “Friendly, responsive, attractive. You guys are awesome. Your prices are really fair as well. Thanks!”
    John H., customer since 2012
  • They really care about my cat

    “Last week I called in because my young cat was urinating outside of the litter box and not eating or drinking water.”
    Bonnie G., customer since 2012
  • We love Dr. Christopher

    “My kitty and I love Dr. Christopher and the staff at Companion!”
  • A great visit

    “I was very happy with my experience at your clinic. I feel Dr. Lemke always has time to answer the questions we have.”
    Ann M., customer since 2010
  • Love this place

    “Love this place!”
    Traci H., customer since 2013
  • These people are great

    “These people are great! I love them. Especially those vet techs!”
    Rosie M., customer since 2011
  • Everyone at Companion displays compassion

    Everyone at Companion displays compassion and a demonstrates a true willingness to help. Very competent and professional operation. Keith B.
  • Great with me and my pets

    Staff greets me and is great with me and my pets. Dr. Murphy is so caring with the dogs and makes them feel at ease. She explains everything to me throughout the exam. Jennifer M.

  • It is always a good experience

    “Dia's visit went well. Dr. Christopher discussed Dia's "cherry eye" and 3 different ways to treat it. Dr. Christopher was very helpful. It is always a good experience going to Companion Animal Clinic.”
    Kathleen R., customer since 2009
  • The staff was professional and friendly

    “The staff was professional and friendly. Dr. Christopher called me once everything was okay and answered all of my questions.”
    Angie G., customer since 2013
  • They came home and seemed happy and healthy

    “Our dogs are not frequent kennel users but when they came home from here they seem happy and healthy. Thank you for taking care of them and giving Nutmeg the extra attention her nervous self sometimes needs.”
    Kyrle K., customer since 2011
  • I would recommend this clinic in a heartbeat

    “We always feel at ease and peace of mind when coming to the clinic. It is a very caring, friendly, and thorough staff and I know Lex is in wonderful hands. I would recommend this clinic in a heartbeat. smile
    Laura W., customer since 2007
  • The staff is friendly and helpful

    “The staff is friendly and helpful. Dr. Christopher is wonderful. Thank you for another enjoyable experience at your facility.”
    Paul W., customer since 2002
  • You guys ROCK

    “Love Companion Animal Clinic! You guys ROCK!”
    Catie M., customer since 2008
  • Excellent service

    Excellent service. Anonymous

  • Everyone is so friendly

    “As always, a wonderful visit. Everyone is so friendly.”
    Daniel K., customer since 2012
  • The staff always take great care

    Connie & Elizabeth and the staff always take great care of Evie! Robert L.
  • ​Always kind, professional, and thorough

    Always kind, professional, and thorough. Edwin A.
  • ​The staff are great

    The staff are great. Very caring. I would recommend them very highly. Patrick P.
  • Excellent as usual

    Excellent as usual. Linda B.

  • Wonderful, caring, and professional vet

    “Wonderful, caring, and professional vet!”
    Shannon S., customer since 2003
  • They worked skillfully and tirelessly

    “We had a very sick pup who was deteriorating quickly. They worked skillfully and tirelessly and I am happy to report our dog is back home seems like her old self.”
    Meredith K., customer since 2006
  • The added measure of familiarity

    As always, front desk, support staff and doctor treated the human and the canine with equal concern and respect. The added measure of familiarity and humor is appreciated as well. Anonymous
  • The staff is fabulous

    “Companion has cared for all three of our Airedales since they first opened. I cannot imagine finding better or more caring service for our special family members.”
    Suellen B., customer since 2001
  • The staff is very efficient

    Great experience. Good seeing friends once again. The caring staff knew how to deal with my difficult dog. That is why I drive 63 miles to see them. The staff is very efficient & took time to catch up on Riley's recent history. Diane M.
  • The staff is nice and friendly

    “The staff is all very nice and friendly. We have used other clinics over the years, but this one is the best. We trust our dog's care will be first-rate with Dr. Christopher.”
    Kevin K.
  • People at Companion Animal love my pets

    “As always I feel that the people at Companion Animal love my pets as much as I do.”
    Bob P., customer since 1998
  • Satisfied with the vet

    “Benny hates waiting, which we did have to wait. I think he'd prefer to be in the lobby where it was more open than waiting in the room. He did good and the vet tech kept saying he was so cute, which I think he liked.”
    Samantha A., customer since 2015
  • It was a pleasant experience

    “The staff were friendly and detail oriented at check out. It was a pleasant experience.”
    Anonymous, customer since 2010

Our Wellness Programs

Playful Puppies & Kittens
Playful Puppies & Kittens program offers all the essentials your puppy or kitten will need in their first year including vaccinations, deworming, and more.
Playful Paws
Playful Paws program offers annual exams, vaccinations, another perks to keep your pet happy and healthy.
Silver Whiskers
Silver Whiskers Program offers all your senior pet will need to live a long and healthy life including tests for glaucoma, blood pressure, and more.

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We provide you and your pets with the personal
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Spring time Hazards

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A: Yes, patients are seen by appointment. Should you have an emergency during regular office hours, please call so that we may assist you as quickly as possible.

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