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Cat Nail Trimming

With a little time and patience, it’s possible to trim nails without you or your pet being stressed out. The trick to getting them comfortable with the [...]

Cat Nail Trimming2020-12-08T19:13:41+00:00

Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency in Dogs and Cats

Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI) happens when the pancreas is unable to produce enzymes that help with digestion. Both dogs and cats are susceptible to the condition and often experience diarrhea, weight [...]

Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency in Dogs and Cats2019-07-29T02:04:05+00:00

5 Keys to Decoding Your Cat’s Body Language

Feline communication is largely nonverbal, although from time to time cats may use special noises — like howls, chirps, growls, hisses and meows — to get their point across. In various [...]

5 Keys to Decoding Your Cat’s Body Language2019-07-29T02:03:29+00:00

Cats Love Car Trips

Most cats HATE car trips to the vet.But with a few small changes, over time,  most cats can be trained to at least tolerate car trips to [...]

Cats Love Car Trips2020-03-23T06:59:39+00:00

Why Don’t Cats Come When Called?

It is relatively easy to train a dog to come to you when you call his name, but cats, as usual, are a different story. What is the difference? The evolutionary records show that dogs [...]

Why Don’t Cats Come When Called?2019-07-29T02:04:56+00:00

Declaw Surgery for Cats

Scratching is a natural cat behavior, but it can be destructive in a household. Declaw surgery generally involves the removal of all or a portion of the last bone in each [...]

Declaw Surgery for Cats2019-07-29T02:03:45+00:00

Feline Pneumonia: What you need to know

​​​​Is your cat coughing, wheezing and producing nasty-looking snot from her nose? It’s not a run-of-the-mill cold as we might think of it. Cats can be prone to respiratory [...]

Feline Pneumonia: What you need to know2019-07-29T02:04:06+00:00

The Right Way to Introduce a Dog and Cat

Cats and dogs can coexist within the same family as long as you introduce them properly. Find out more here! Cartoon animals may drum up hilarious antics, but millions [...]

The Right Way to Introduce a Dog and Cat2019-07-29T02:04:51+00:00

How To Give Your Cat Liquid Medicine

Giving a cat his medicine is rarely easy, but knowing the proper procedure and what to expect can make the process more pleasant—for you and your cat. Find out more [...]

How To Give Your Cat Liquid Medicine2019-07-29T02:04:23+00:00

Grooming Your Cat

Keeping your cat's haircoat healthy is very important. Find out how you should groom your cat and how we can help!Regular brushing can help keep your cat’s skin and haircoat healthy.Groom [...]

Grooming Your Cat2019-07-29T02:04:19+00:00

Boarding Your Cat

​Going on vacation? Looking for a place to board your feline friend? Find out what to look for when boarding your furry friend and how we can help! Overview [...]

Boarding Your Cat2019-07-29T02:03:34+00:00

First Aid for Insect Stings in Cats

Cats are nosy creatures, sniffing at anything of interest. Insect stings can spell trouble for your feline friend. Find how what you can do to help! The old adage, “curiosity [...]

First Aid for Insect Stings in Cats2019-07-29T02:04:07+00:00

Dental Cleaning in Cats

Dental cleanings are so important for your feline family member. Find out what to expect and what services we offer to help! What is involved with professional teeth cleaning visit for [...]

Dental Cleaning in Cats2019-07-29T02:03:45+00:00

Cat Scratching Behavior

Is your furry feline scratching? Don't worry it's totally normal behavior. Find out some ways to create a scratching haven for your furry feline friend! Why do cats scratch? Scratching [...]

Cat Scratching Behavior2019-07-29T02:03:43+00:00

Emergencies in Cats

Your feline family member has a sudden emergency! Do you know what to do? Find out how to handle an emergency situation. Medical emergencies occur suddenly and without warning. It [...]

Emergencies in Cats2019-07-29T02:04:05+00:00

Ear Mites in Cats and Dogs

Ear mites can be hard to find but are highly contagious. Learn what you should do if your furry companion has ear mites. What are ear mites? The ear mite Otodectes cynotis is a surface [...]

Ear Mites in Cats and Dogs2019-07-29T02:04:04+00:00

Diabetes in Cats

Do you suspect your feline friend has diabetes? Find out all about testing and monitoring for diabetes in cats. What tests are suggested for the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus in cats? [...]

Diabetes in Cats2019-07-29T02:03:46+00:00
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Brushing Teeth in Cats

Are your feline's teeth in need of some tender loving care? Learn how to take care of your cat's smile. When should I brush my cat's teeth? Like us, cats [...]

Brushing Teeth in Cats2019-07-29T02:03:34+00:00

Allergies in Cats

Do you think your feline friend has an allergy? Find out what kind of allergies cats can have and how you can treat them. What are allergies and how do [...]

Allergies in Cats2019-07-29T02:03:31+00:00

Are You A Cat Person?

Test out your cat knowledge with this quiz! Find out if you really know your feline companions. Check out how your cat comprehension compares »

Are You A Cat Person?2019-07-29T02:03:32+00:00

First Aid for Torn Footpads in Cats

Your feline's footpads are very important. Find out how to take care of them if they get injured. Although lowly in position, your cat’s feet occupy a top spot in [...]

First Aid for Torn Footpads in Cats2019-07-29T02:04:17+00:00

Help! My Cat Is Losing Weight!

Are you having a hard time feeding your cat these past few days? Does your feline friend look as if it is not interested to eat the food you [...]

Help! My Cat Is Losing Weight!2020-03-17T16:36:24+00:00

What You Should Know About Cats and Hairballs

Cat owners have already grown accustomed to the regular cuteness, the condescending stare-down and the… hairballs from their beloved feline pets. Talking about hairballs, here’s a look at the [...]

What You Should Know About Cats and Hairballs2019-07-29T02:04:56+00:00

Does Anemia Affect Cats?

If you are wondering whether anemia can affect cats, the answer is actually “yes”. Anemia affects cats just the same way it affects human beings. Every living organism has [...]

Does Anemia Affect Cats?2019-07-29T02:03:59+00:00
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