Keeping your dog happy and healthy all year round is important. You can enjoy the company of your furry family member when you ensure that it is comfortable. Spring and summer is a great time for you to enjoy being outdoors with your dog.

With the great weather, you can enjoy months where taking long walks in the park can be the highlight of your days.

Before you spend too much time outdoors, it is important to know that the spring and summer days can present unique health risks and dangers for your dog. Dogs do not do too well in extreme weather and this goes beyond winter. The rising temperatures during the hot months can be just as unsafe. Following are some health care tips that will ensure that your dog remains healthy and safe in the heat.

Talk to the veterinarian

The best thing you can do for your dog is to pay a visit to your vet clinic for some education. Check with the vet to get tips and recommendations for heartworm prevention during spring. It is important to know that mosquitoes transmit heartworm disease that can be fatal. The disease is a silent killer and it is important to ensure that you keep your dog heartworm free. Fortunately, you can do this with minimal prevention. Talk to the vet about the best way to keep your dog cool and comfortable when it is hot.

Choosing the best diet

Spring and summer are the perfect time make some changes to your dog’s diet. You should transition your dog to good quality all natural dog food that will provide long-term benefits. Transitioning to new dog food is something you do slowly over time by mixing in the new food with the old. Gradually add more of the high-quality dog food until your dog is the only easting the premium food. A good diet will give your dog more energy during the summer months.

Monitoring your dog

It is very important to closely monitor your dog’s tolerance of the heat. You should never leave the dog out in the direct sun for too long. Remember that dogs can also get sunburned! Providing adequate cool, clean water is very important. Pay special attention to older dogs and dogs that have thick coats. You should limit your dogs exercise to the hours when the temperatures are cooler.

Flea and tick treatments

It is very important to keep your dog flea and tick free during the summer. It is a good idea to use natural tick and flea treatments. Talk to your vet about the best treatments and remember that some of the products in the market are actually toxic and you should avoid them at all costs. Your veterinarian can offer advice about holistic solutions for your dog grooming.

Protect your dog’s health and comfort by avoiding noisy events. You might enjoy firework displays and rock concerts, but your dog does not feel the same way! Avoid anything that can be stressful or that can cause anxiety to your dog. Dogs love summer and spring because it means spending lots of time outdoors. Make sure that you monitor your pet’s health to make the season fantastic for both of you!

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