Does your pet have an upset tummy? Find out why we recommend a homemade bland diet of rice and chicken for your furry friend!

When your pet comes in for upset stomach such as nausea, vomiting, and/or diarrhea, we usually recommend a homemade bland diet, consisting of cooked rice with boiled chicken with the fat completely drained off.

But why rice??

Rice supports normal intestinal function and motility by being highly digestible, low fiber, and low fat.  Rice is energy dense and contains pectin that, in turn, releases glucose slowly which is easily absorbed. Your pet will feel better due to increased water, glucose and electrolyte absorption.

This diet can be great for a few days but your pet shouldn’t stay on it long term because there are not enough calories, vitamins, or minerals. A bland diet should be fed for a few days only until your pet is feeling better and then their normal diet may be gradually reintroduced.  This gradual reintroduction is important to allow time for the gastrointestinal microbes to adjust to the change in diet. As with any diet, one size does not fit all so be sure to call us if your pet continues to have any gastrointestinal problems.

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