Every new cat owner has concerns about keeping their cat safe and healthy. Several questions come through their minds. If you just got a cat, you probably have the same problems thousands of other cat owners have gone through.

Here are the foremost concerns of new cat owners that can help you make better decisions concerning their health and comfort.

Cat vaccination

For your cat to stay healthy, it has to be vaccinated from deadly cat diseases such as cat flu, Feline Enteritis, and Feline Leukemia. Cats can get these viruses from other cats or by simply going out for its regular walks. Ideally, they should be vaccinated when they are nine weeks old and then a follow-up shot 2-3 weeks after. After the vaccination, you should not stop there. Every year, you should take your cat to the veterinary clinic in Briarcliff Manor, New York for a booster vaccination to make sure he is safe from the viruses.

Cat litter tray

The cat uses this rectangular shaped box as a toilet. It should contain sand or peat. You can get one from your nearest pet store. Cats are probably the cleanest pets. They are very fussy about their toilet habits and will only use a clean litter tray. You should, therefore, ensure that you always empty it and keep it clean. Make sure to keep the litter tray away from the cat’s food bowl. You should place it in a newspaper away from the eyes of everyone where the cat will feel uncomfortable to do its business. Young children and pregnant women should not handle the litter tray and whenever anyone is going to empty and clean it, they should wear gloves at all times.

Neutered cats

Cats can rapidly increase their numbers if left to breed without any form of control. The image of a large number of stray cats roaming the streets and rummaging through the garbage for food comes to mind. Most of them end up dead. Therefore, the controlled breeding of your cat is important for everyone and this is not the only benefit of neutering your cat. For example, male cats become territorial once they reach mating age. They tend to mark their territory by spraying urine around. This can be around the house and the smell of cat urine is not something you want around the house.

At this age, the male cat will also roam the streets looking for mates and will get into bad fights that may get him killed or contract a disease from the other male cats. The female cats at this age start calling for males, which is very noisy and can lead to you having to deal with countless other cats in or around your house. Neutering reduces aggressive behavior in your cat and this makes him or her a more friendly and happy pet.

Feeding cats home cooked food

Cats can safely have human food like chicken and fish but this will not provide them with all the nutrients they need for growth and development. You should feed it tinned cat foods or dried complete foods, which come in large bags and are more economical. These foods are specifically prepared for cats and therefore have all they need. Remember, fully-grown cats should be fed twice a day.