janet lemke


Dr. Janet Lemke obtained her doctorate in veterinary medicine after working as an analyst in the Life Sciences Division at the Library of Congress Congressional Research Service. Since graduating from the University of Georgia’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 1982, she has practiced in Northern Virginia concentrating on canine and feline medicine and health.

Dr Lemke is passionate about the human-animal bond, preventive medicine, and exploring the incredible potential that exists in each dog and cat. Her long-time equine partner introduced her to eventing, dressage, and competitive trail riding as well as a host of life-long friends; and her long-time canine partner introduced her to the amazing world of pet therapy where they worked with patients at INOVA Fairfax and Mt Vernon Hospitals. Currently, she is coping with a rescue puppy who has her own ideas about her future profession. Her two cats rule…. of course. While training pets and educating clients, Dr Lemke realizes she is also constantly learning from them. She is often humbled by them as well.