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Wouldn’t consider going anywhere else

“We've used Companion Animal Clinic for years and have always been pleased with the staff! Wouldn't consider going anywhere else!” -  Greta G.

Wouldn’t consider going anywhere else2022-09-29T14:17:07+00:00

Wonderful and Cheerful Staff

I have been kenneling my cats at Companion Animal Clinic for many years. They are the best! -  Cheryl D.

Wonderful and Cheerful Staff2019-07-09T15:18:43+00:00


The vets and the staff are WONDERFUL. - Diane B.


We love bringing Harley to you guys

“We just love bringing Harley to you guys for his check ups and grooming. When we pick him up he is not stressed out at all. You always take the [...]

We love bringing Harley to you guys2019-07-09T15:15:48+00:00

Welcoming Place

It is a welcoming place. The reception is friendly and prepared for your visit. -  Diane B.

Welcoming Place2019-07-09T15:14:13+00:00

We received the finest care and attention

“We have only received the finest care and attention for our companion animals at Companion Animal Clinic. The staff has always been helpful, courteous and reassuring." -  Penny P., customer [...]

We received the finest care and attention2019-07-09T15:00:08+00:00

We really like Dr. Murphy

“We really like Dr. Murphy's approach both to our three dogs and to us. I trust her opinion and appreciate the fact that she doesn't order unnecessary tests. She is [...]

We really like Dr. Murphy2019-07-09T14:59:06+00:00

We love Dr. Christopher

“My kitty and I love Dr. Christopher and the staff at Companion!”- Anonymous

We love Dr. Christopher2019-07-09T14:56:16+00:00

We love Companion

“We love Companion. So do our dogs!” - Heather M., customer since 2006

We love Companion2019-07-09T14:55:24+00:00

We love CAC

“We love CAC. The people there are friendly, knowledgeable, and the vets outstanding. We would recommend this facility to all.” - Paul W., customer since 2002 [...]

We love CAC2019-07-09T14:51:19+00:00

We liked Dr. Margolis

“Good and friendly service. We liked Dr. Margolis.” - Beverly W., customer since 2005

We liked Dr. Margolis2019-07-09T14:37:58+00:00

We are very thankful for this clinic

“The staff and doctors are super friendly. Our dog does not like going to the vet at all. She gives them so much trouble but they keep loving on her. [...]

We are very thankful for this clinic2019-07-09T14:36:25+00:00

Vet was engaged and informed

“Timely, staff friendly and knowledgeable. Vet was engaged and informed.” - Margaret S.

Vet was engaged and informed2019-07-09T14:35:18+00:00

Very Pleased

Dropped my dog off for grooming and was very pleased. She came out looking better than I ever expected. -  Tom M

Very Pleased2019-07-09T14:34:07+00:00

Very happy with the service

“I have been going to Companion with my dogs ever since we moved here 20 years ago. I am very happy with the service I've received from everyone over the years.”- Anonymous [...]

Very happy with the service2019-07-09T14:33:02+00:00

Very Good Grooming

Had my Morkie (part Maltese, part Yorkshire Terrier), Little Bit, groomed at Companion Animal Clinic and couldn't be more pleased. - Charles L.

Very Good Grooming2019-07-09T14:31:55+00:00

Very good experience

“Very good experience with Casey and her teeth cleaning and extractions. Dr. Lemke and her technician (sorry can't remember her name) were very thorough at explaining the procedure and potential [...]

Very good experience2019-07-09T14:30:43+00:00

Very accommodating with our schedule

“Companion Animal Clinic is always very accommodating with our schedule to get our dog in for an appointment. They are wonderful with her.” - Kyrle K., customer since 2011 [...]

Very accommodating with our schedule2019-07-09T14:27:06+00:00

True Care

Excellent customer service. Doctors are incredibly knowledgeable and thorough. - Stephanie S.

True Care2019-07-09T14:25:02+00:00

Treat Us Like Family

We adore companion animal hospital and their staff that always treats us like family. - Barbara C.

Treat Us Like Family2019-07-09T14:23:27+00:00

Top-Notch Care

Dr. Murphy and staff are fantastic! -  Maggie H.

Top-Notch Care2019-07-09T14:21:56+00:00

Top Notch

As always, top notch. - Susan McC.

Top Notch2019-07-09T14:19:36+00:00

This clinic is awesome

“This clinic is awesome. The staff shows genuine concern and called us to follow up many times throughout the treatment. Dr.Murphy rocks. She has a great patient/doctor manner and even gets our older nervous [...]

This clinic is awesome2019-07-09T14:18:16+00:00

They worked skillfully and tirelessly

“We had a very sick pup who was deteriorating quickly. They worked skillfully and tirelessly and I am happy to report our dog is back home seems like her old [...]

They worked skillfully and tirelessly2019-07-09T14:16:59+00:00

They were great

“The staff was very friendly. They were great to see our dog at the last minute when he got hurt at the dog park!”- Anonymous

They were great2019-07-09T14:15:45+00:00

They really care about my cat

“Last week I called in because my young cat was urinating outside of the litter box and not eating or drinking water.” - Bonnie G., customer since 2012 [...]

They really care about my cat2019-07-09T14:12:59+00:00

They provide comprehensive care

“This is the second time we have boarded our dog there and we will continue to do so. Not only are they a great boarder, but they provide comprehensive care [...]

They provide comprehensive care2019-07-09T14:11:44+00:00

They came home and seemed happy and healthy

Our dogs are not frequent kennel users but when they came home from here they seem happy and healthy. - Kyle K., customer since 2011

They came home and seemed happy and healthy2019-07-09T14:07:11+00:00

They are great

“They are great and took care of my dog in the most professional way. They always let me know whats going on and keep me updated, it's like I do [...]

They are great2019-07-09T14:06:02+00:00

They are family to us

“Always very attentive to the health and well-being of our animals. Have been a client of this practice for a very long time. They are family to us.” - Anonymous, customer [...]

They are family to us2019-07-09T14:04:36+00:00

These people are great

“These people are great! I love them. Especially those vet techs!” - Rosie M., customer since 2011

These people are great2019-07-09T14:01:28+00:00

Professional and accommodating

The front staff were very professional and accommodating. - Tammie P., customer since 2013

Professional and accommodating2019-07-29T12:05:35+00:00

The staff is patient

“This was a visit for lab work. I received a call within 2 hours from the vet on duty and we discussed the results.” - Patrick P., customer since 1993 [...]

The staff is patient2019-07-09T13:57:12+00:00

The staff is nice and friendly

“The staff is all very nice and friendly. We have used other clinics over the years, but this one is the best. We trust our dog's care will be first-rate [...]

The staff is nice and friendly2019-07-09T13:55:53+00:00

The staff is friendly and helpful

“The staff is friendly and helpful. Dr. Christopher is wonderful. Thank you for another enjoyable experience at your facility.” - Paul W., customer since 2002

The staff is friendly and helpful2019-07-09T13:54:46+00:00

The staff is fabulous

“Companion has cared for all three of our Airedales since they first opened. I cannot imagine finding better or more caring service for our special family members.” - Suellen B., customer [...]

The staff is fabulous2019-07-09T13:53:23+00:00

The staff is courteous and helpful

“The staff has always been courteous and helpful in every-way every time I have visited the clinic.” - Thomas F., customer since 2010

The staff is courteous and helpful2019-07-09T13:52:17+00:00

The Right People

The team here is great. If you are new to the area and are looking for a vet clinic that is personable and caring, these are the right people. - Scott [...]

The Right People2019-07-09T13:50:56+00:00

The kennel staff is exceptional

“Matti loves to stay, and the treatment, care and love provided by the kennel staff is exceptional. I can leave and go anywhere in the world and know that Matti [...]

The kennel staff is exceptional2019-07-09T13:49:43+00:00

The exam was thorough and caring

“This really was for Chelsea. I thought the exam was thorough and caring. The staff listened to the issues and took great care of my dog.” - Catherine B. [...]

The exam was thorough and caring2019-07-09T13:48:42+00:00

The Best Care for your Pet

I am so thankful that I found Companion Animal Clinic when we moved here from Orlando, FL. The care that she receives is the best. - Lisa F. [...]

The Best Care for your Pet2019-07-09T13:47:46+00:00

Thanks to all of you at CAC

“Dr. Lemke has cared for my pets for 17 years. Obviously I trust her care and judgment. Her staff is equally competent and caring.” - Anne A., customer since 2011 [...]

Thanks to all of you at CAC2019-07-09T13:46:34+00:00

Thanks for everyone

“We love Dr. Christopher and the entire team at CAC! Thanks to everyone for getting us in same day with no problems at all.”- Anonymous

Thanks for everyone2019-07-09T13:45:29+00:00

Thanks Dr. Murphy

Once again, the care provided for 'Jack' the dog was highly professional and complete for his annual update. -  Ron L.

Thanks Dr. Murphy2019-07-09T13:44:38+00:00

Thanks Companion for the great care

“Companion takes care of my dog like their own. It's nice to know that my pet is in good hands when she is sick and when I am away. Thanks [...]

Thanks Companion for the great care2019-07-09T13:42:43+00:00

Thank you for the wonderful care

“Once again, my kitty, Ailsa, looked and smelled gorgeous after her grooming at Companion. Thank you for taking wonderful care of her!”- Anonymous

Thank you for the wonderful care2019-07-09T13:41:08+00:00

Thank you for taking care of them

“Our dogs are not frequent kennel users but when they come home from here they seem happy and healthy. Thank you for taking care of them and giving Nutmeg the [...]

Thank you for taking care of them2019-07-09T13:39:11+00:00

Thank you Dr. Lemke and staff

“Thank you Dr. Lemke and staff for all your excellent care for our pets.” - Virginia K., customer since 2000

Thank you Dr. Lemke and staff2019-07-09T13:38:01+00:00

Thank you again

Yesterday's visit for Jack was a "replay" of previous tours thru Companion Animal Clinic. -  Ron L., customer since 1992

Thank you again2019-07-09T13:36:54+00:00

Dr Christopher Came Through

As always, Dr Susan Christopher came through for me and my fur baby. -  Roya Z.

Dr Christopher Came Through2019-07-30T22:56:04+00:00

Super nice people working there

“Super nice people working there. Very patient and it is much appreciated. No complaints!” - Thomas S., customer since 2013

Super nice people working there2019-07-09T13:33:57+00:00

Super Friendly Staff

Love this place. Super friendly staff. You know everyone here is here for the animals and no other reason. - Casey W.

Super Friendly Staff2019-07-09T13:32:51+00:00

Super Fast Service

The staff is very friendly and they take great care of our pet! - Virginia B.

Super Fast Service2019-07-09T13:31:46+00:00

Stress Free Grooming

We were promptly received and taken care of by an exceptionally friendly, helpful and knowledgeable front desk. - Diane B.

Stress Free Grooming2019-07-09T13:29:03+00:00

Staff is Tremendous

I've been going to Companion for many years with multiple pets. - Cayman S.

Staff is Tremendous2019-07-09T13:26:26+00:00

Staff Addresses Concerns

Great experience with our furry friend at Companion Animal Clinic. - Jennifer D.

Staff Addresses Concerns2019-07-09T13:23:33+00:00

Special Attention

I always enjoy taking Boomer to the vet at Companion Animal Clinic. - Arthur T.

Special Attention2019-07-09T13:22:03+00:00

Schnauzer Loves Pack Play

Dr. Christopher and the rest of the doctors and staff at companion animal clinic are like family. They’ve cared for all of my Schnauzers since I relocated here in 2008. [...]

Schnauzer Loves Pack Play2019-07-09T13:20:04+00:00

Satisfied with the vet

Benny hates waiting, which we did have to wait. I think he'd prefer to be in the lobby where it was more open than waiting in the room. - Samantha A., [...]

Satisfied with the vet2019-07-09T13:17:00+00:00

Quick and Compassionate Care

As always, Companion Animal Clinic took care of us quickly, kindly, and compassionately. -  Megan L.

Quick and Compassionate Care2019-07-09T12:53:12+00:00

Puppy’s Happy Place

This is Luke's happy place. Thank you for the great care. - Anonymous

Puppy’s Happy Place2019-07-09T12:50:42+00:00

Positive First Visit

Very positive first visit! The staff were all very professional and caring.- Anonymous

Positive First Visit2019-07-09T12:48:21+00:00

Polite and Professional

Always happy with the excellent service and quality care this facility provides. - Caroline C

Polite and Professional2019-07-09T12:47:30+00:00

Pleased with my experience

“I was so pleased with my experience! Definitely glad to have picked this animal clinic.” -  Stephanie P.

Pleased with my experience2019-07-09T12:46:24+00:00
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