Hours of Operation
8AM-7PM Monday-Friday
8AM-1PM Saturday
9AM-10AM & 6PM-7PM Sunday*
*Boarding pick-ups only

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Never Been Disappointed

Never Been Disappointed

We have been using Companion Animal Clinic for the past 7 years and am so very happy that we found them! Jenni H.

The office is clean and the staff is incredible. We have never been disappointed and have always felt like we were getting the best treatment/advice on how to tackle an issue that one of our dogs might be encountering. We just had such an issue with Sultan, our lab mix, who out of the blue started to yelp while running up stairs in our house. We called to see if we could have someone look at him, and even though they were completely booked, they got us in and we were able to figure out what was hurting Sultan and get him on a good treatment plan. They have the experience and talent here and they truly work as a team! Keep up the good work! Jenni H.


Do I need to have an appointment?

A: Yes, patients are seen by appointment. Should you have an emergency during regular office hours, please call so that we may assist you as quickly as possible.

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