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8AM-1PM Saturday
9AM-10AM & 6PM-7PM Sunday*
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Best Vet Ever

Best Vet Ever

THE BEST VET EVER!!!! I can not tell you how wonderful Companion has been to my pups past and present! The doctors are always listed in the top vets in NOVA and the Washingtonian. Dr. Murphy and Dr Christopher treat my pups as if they were their own. Pamela S.

My dogs actually wag their tails when they go in the door! The Vet techs and the staff are phenomenal. Unlike many other vets they do not charge for unnecessary add on fees and have all inclusive programs like silver whiskers for older dogs. They offer unique services like pack-play where my pups go Tuesdays and Thursdays and play with 50+ other dogs entirely supervised by the dog-whisperer Charlotte and her amazing staff Cameron, Patrick, Natalie and all! They have puppy training classes! They offer grooming 3 days a weeks with professional groomers Cindy and Lindsay. my pups Dudley and Chauncey love Companion and I love it too! They are number 1 with my family...and I recommend them to all! Pamela S.


Do I need to have an appointment?

A: Yes, patients are seen by appointment. Should you have an emergency during regular office hours, please call so that we may assist you as quickly as possible.

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